Week 7_ICM_Data viz with p5

Tried running a couple of experiments using simple text & api based data sets.

My first experiment is an early pilot of my mid term project for PhysComp. A simple project using arduino+serial com, where in a ghost appears in front of you when you let it out of a physical jar and tells you your misfortune. I compiled a list of freaky/offensive fortune sayings into a text file and used that as my data source.

Below is an example of the program. A new saying is generated every time you click on the screen.


find the the code here

in my final project, each of these sayings will be triggered by the opening of a physical jar.


For my second experiment I wanted to use the weather api and create a simple visualization of weather. I wanted the background color to change with temperature and humidity to appear in form of particle fog on screen.

Uploading the final sketch here, the problems faced during the process is documented below.



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