Phys Comp Midterm

I collaborated with Jiyao Zhang for my mid term project for this class.

Since the midterm presentation was due around the time of halloween we decided to do something around that theme.

After several rounds of discussions we finally arrived at a simple idea of releasing a ghost trapped in a glass jar which tells you your fortune….or rather your misfortune.

We started with initial project plans and early sketches of the ghost!

We wanted the ghost releasing interface to be very intuitive and something that will directly reference our real world. The childhood activity of trapping fireflies in a jar seemed like the perfect metaphor for such an interface.

The jar in which the ghost was to be captured

We decided to put an illuminated PingPong ball at the bottom of the jar to symbolize the ghost. The act of opening the lid was to be used as a switch to trigger the event of releasing the ghost in p5.



New home for the ghost

Unfortunately the plastic jar was lost just 12hrs before the presentation. We were forced to rethink the interface and the third iteration actually turned out to be much better.

We went back to our glass jar and decided to use it inverted without the lid, as if one was trapping an insect crawling on the floor.



we created a switch using copper tape electrodes on the platform. The jar also has copper foil on the rim which completes the circuit when placed on the platform.


The image above shows the jar placed inverted on a platform. The jar has an illuminated ball inside to symbolize a ghost. When the jar is lifted off the platform the illuminated ball turns off, as if the ghost is released and is seen on a screen. The ghost then tells you your misfortune.

Click on the image below to watch the video of the project

click for the p5 code

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