Project proposal for final project_Fall ’17

I want to make an intuitive electronic music production system for non musicians.

I’ve always wanted to make electronic music but haven’t been able to do so successfully, mainly because I am incapable of auditory thinking and all the serious music production softwares are quite counterintuitive with lots of knobs, buttons and sliders as inputs for control.

I want to create a system which is directed towards people who are more of visual or spatial thinkers than auditory thinkers. It is easier for me to ‘see’ music rather than ‘hear’ it in my head. The system should feel very natural and intuitive and involve multiple senses.

I will be collaborating with Max Horwich and Amena Hayat on this project. Max is deeply immersed in the technical aspect of music and sound and Amena is interested in using soft wearables as control.

So far we have a lot of scattered ideas and we are still in the brainstorming phase but what seems to be emerging is a system which is a combination of a tabletop interface and wearable control. Perhaps the tabletop interface is where you visually design complex rhythm structures and use the wearable for all the fluid instrumentation and melodic compositions.

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