Modular soft robots_2

PART 2 of 4

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For the second iteration I wanted to test out a helical spring shape for the inner core of the actuator. The idea was to inflate a spring shaped hollow chamber to achieve linear extension, much like stretching a helical compression spring.

I quickly made a spring with thick aluminium wire coiled around a chisel
I put together a mold with these basic components, all picked up from the junk shop. The spring formed the inner core, the aluminium tube is the outer mold and the cardboard piece formed a conical end of the actuator for air inlet.
Actuator is casted and set aside for curing
And now the hardest part was demolding the inner spring. (5).gif
Again, with this one too, I did achieve linear actuation but the whole form was inflating much more than I liked. I was still happy with the overall form of this piece. I’d like to explore this aesthetically in the future. (7).gif

For PART 1 click here
For PART 3 click here
For PART 4 click here

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