Modular soft robots_4

PART 4 of 4

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For the fourth iteration I built on the 3rd one but this time I inverted the shape of the inflation chamber. Made the walls thicker and and the inflation chambers much thinner and acute. Below is an image of the cross section of this actuator.

trial 5.PNG
This illustration shows the different approaches in trial 3 and 4
trial 4.PNG
cross section view of one segment of the mold. 

I only decided to print one segment of the mold to make de-molding easy.


Unfortunately the Silicone hadn’t cured even after 7hrs!

By the time I got to casting the silicone, the 00-50 grade which we had in class had gotten over. I bought the 00-30 variant since it had a cure time of 4hrs, only 1 more hour than the 00-50 grade. But even after 7+hrs or curing time it was still runny on the bottom end of the cast.

I have a feeling it probably has to do with the cooler temperature on the ITP floor. I think it cures faster at higher temperatures. I plan to recast this actuator on a slightly warmer day and continue this process through the summer break.

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