Material Connexion visit

We visited the Materials Connexion library to look at emerging materials we could work with for our finals for soft robotics class.

I primarily looked at Silicone materials as I plan to use Ecoflex extensively for my final project. Listing down a few materials and processes that I am interested in exploring. Some of the materials listed below were found on the online library.

3D printed Silicone
Manufacturer : ACEO


I can use this process for creating intricate channels inside my parts which would otherwise be difficult with lost wax casting or similar process.

Thermochromic Silicone
Manufacturer : Cainir Garment Accessories Co.,LTD


I can see a possible use for this for smartskin development and chromatophoric biomimetic robots.

Thin film solar panel
Manufacturer : Power Film Inc.


I can use this in autonomously powered robotic modules much like soft BEAM bots




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